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The Change of Music

By Ian Schranze

Recently, Boston has seen diverse genres of musical concerts happening throughout the city.  They range from pop to rock to classical music. Unfortunately, the highly underrated classical music market has been declining rapidly over the past decade. For members of the community attending concerts of people who died hundreds of years ago has become more of an obligation, rather than a pleasurable activity. Such sentiment gives rise to various questions regarding the quality of music… Has music gone so downhill that short repeated sessions of heavy bass lines is only what appeals to today’s masses?  Is music no longer art, rather a way for young kids to flaunt their talent?  These Justin Biebers of the world may seem like talent less hacks, but lets remember that music can be represented anyway throughout the world.  We should encourage new ways of thinking of different types of music, while also remembering the greats like Mozart.  Music is the fundamental building blocks of life no matter what type it is. (Well except for Justin Bieber.)

Ian Schranze, Class of 2017, Babson College