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BRIC Pre-Departure

Post by Graham Anderson, Class of 2015 and Katie Kasper, Class of 2014

Since we arrived on campus last Tuesday, we have been extraordinarily busy! We have spent time inside the classroom learning about Russia, India, and China, and we have also spent time outside of the classroom getting to know the group better.

Last Wednesday, we took a bus into Boston as part of a video ethnography project that we were working on. We explored the city and filmed various aspects of Bostonian life, which we later compiled into a presentation for the class. After the videotaping, we met in Chinatown for an awesome group dinner at New Shanghai.

We have taken part in various group bonding activities in the chapel, in the quad, and around other areas of campus. Outside of our organized day, we have been making last minute purchases, eating our last few American meals, and finishing our packing. The consensus is that we are excited, anxious, and ready to leave Babson for our first destination, China!

Here we are only nine days in and what an experience! The Babson portion of BRIC draws to a close and so far it’s been a whirlwind of enlightenment and exploration. We’ve spent our days learning about cultural nuances, grand history and personal reflection. It has been truly amazing just how much we’ve learned and changed in such a short time. Novels of dark Russian humor, case studies and cultural exploration presentations have contributed to our new understanding of the strange and wonderful worlds we will inhabit in the coming months. Each academic pursuit has been an innovative peek into the adventures yet to come. So, it is with serious sleep deprivation and intense exuberance we prepare to depart.

再见, до свидания, नमस्कार, bye!

BRIC 2013 study session!

BRIC 2013 study session!