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Education Revolution in Detroit, MI

Post by Amy Mon, Class of 2012.

Right after walking across the stage during graduation in 2012, I was unsure of what I was getting myself into. I was accepted into the prestigious organization Teach for America as a 2012 corp member. This past year was the most challenging year, but also one in which I learned many lessons.

Becoming a teacher after attending Babson for four years may seem like a crazy stretch but I have used every single skill that I have acquired from Babson courses, leadership positions, jobs, internships and amazing staff and faculty. Sometimes, I think about the alternatives of what I could be doing behind a desk … but it just doesn’t seem to fit my style. Starting an English school in China has always been one of my dreams and every step that I have taken brings me that much closer to achieving this life goal. Taking on this teaching role has taught me so much about urban schools and Detroit, MI.

Mo Yang '13 and Amy Mon '12 in Detroit

Mo Yang ’13 and Amy Mon ’12 in Detroit

Forbes called Detroit, “the most miserable city,” but I call it “the city with the most potential” especially for entrepreneurs. In one month, I packed up my life in three boxes and shipped it from the Northeast to the Midwest and there I started a new life, all alone! It was a rough year, but nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. I received 5 weeks of training before stepping into a classroom of my own. It was 4 walls, 40+ kids and myself. Needless to say, I could have used more training. I swam in the curriculum for a bit, but the amazing critical thinking skills that Babson had fostered within me triggered my ability to find solutions to problems. I could not have gone throughout the year without seeking the help of my lovely mentors. Quite honestly, the networking skills learned at an all-business school were highly beneficial. Interpersonal skills from our organizational behavior classes combined with my resident assistant position was a killer combination for creating great relationships with my coaches and administration.

My marketing concentration skills transferred into every PowerPoint and handout that I made. My global business management and all the study abroad experience to Hong Kong, Ghana, Argentina and Uruguay prepared me to handle difficult situations when communicating with parents and guardians. Although I did not go through a four year education program, I do not feel that I am at a disadvantage. The education that I received at Babson was so top-notch, that I was prepared for an entire different field of work and have no doubt that I will excel this year and bring my students to meet national standards.  Detroit students are more than what the media portrays, they are people who need love and will provide love.   So thank you to all the people who have contributed to my journey at Babson. I am thrilled to have had so many amazing experiences that can contribute to my career as a lifelong educator!