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Office For Your Thoughts?

Ever have trouble finding a gift for your entrepreneur son, daughter, sister, brother, niece, nephew, cousin, second cousin, friend? Consider giving an office! It is the perfect gift for any entrepreneur. It’s a place to work where one can feel at work; a place where one can organize and see their work; a place to hold private meetings without worrying about noisy people or roommates passing through.
The feeling of having an official space for a single purpose is a feeling of professionalism and represents a field of possibilities in our work. A desk, a whiteboard, and a printer are to start ups as milk, toys, and diapers are to babies. It helps us grow, imagine, and cleans up our messy work to be polished and ready documents.
The benefits of being organized as well known. In short, it’s good. Few have ever brought up the benefits of seeing one’s work-in-progress. Sure, once a job is done, looking back on completed work usually gives a feeling of great accomplishment and happiness, but what about seeing the work while doing it? Let me tell you that is, for lack of a better term, awesome. To see your work on the board, pinned to the walls, in your drawers, and under a mountain of office supplies gives a strong feeling of not only accomplishment (even if it is halfway), but also recognition of the formation and realization of a concept that existed purely within your own imagination. It might seem trivial to say this is a benefit, but during the inevitable slumps and bad days, this glimmer of a dream in reality is what drives one forward.
Lastly, private meetings are a must have for any start up. It is just plain embarrassing to have a half (or mostly) naked roommate walk in sight of the webcam. We can pretend it never happened, but it did and everyone knows it.
An office might be the perfect gift for someone in the operating stage and even the stage where the concept is being formed. It is gift you can buy that will give what money never could. Benjamin Franklin once said a penny saved is a penny earned. He said this to teach the value of money.The Butler Accelerator program is as big of an idea hub as Benjamin Franklin was. While Benjamin Franklin continues to teach the value of the penny, I want to thank the Butler Accelerator program for teaching the value of an idea.