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How Humor and Creativity can be Tools for Solving Your Business Problem – Rasia Friedler

Humor and creativity are artistic and improvisational tools that can improve communication and help people be better leaders. Rasia Friedler, founder and CEO of allegro and SaludArte Foundation, facilitated a theatre-debate workshop for the Summer Venture Program community. By creating a safe and positive environment for everyone, the experience offered participants an opportunity to share the challenges they are facing as entrepreneurs.

To open the discussion, each participant revealed a challenge. Once everyone had a chance to share, people formed groups with those who had similar challenge. Only one group remained at the end. For this session, the challenge for the “group” was “differentiation.”


Friedler then asked participants to start acting out challenges they faced. Three participants at a time emphasized “differentiation challenges” through humorous acting. One of the common challenges that many face is how let customers acknowledge value that businesses provide through differentiation. After the participants acted out “differentiation challenges,” conversation sparked with suggestion on how to solve the problem.

There were several benefits from the workshop:

Humorous engagement during the session provided comfort and confidence

  • There are challenging situations that are difficult to explain in words. It was easily acknowledgeable when the situation is acted out.
  • Feedback was more comfortable and productive when humor was added.

With cooperative, comfortable, and a relaxing atmosphere, the workshop provided participants a sense of community, and an opportunity to share challenges in business in an innovative way. Humor and creative directs entrepreneurs to solve their problems not on desk but interacting with other entrepreneurs.