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The Entrepreneurship Roller Coaster

“Being an entrepreneur is the hardest thing you’ll ever do.”

“An Entrepreneur is a lonely existence.”

“Nine out of Ten times you’ll fail.”

“Get ready for an emotional roller coaster.”

Wow, when you put it that way, why am I doing this in the first place? I had to remember what led me here…

I spent the first two years of my career at a large investment bank in New York City. The feeling of putting on a tailored Hugo Boss Suit with a custom embroidered shirt and a vineyard vines tie made me feel like a business man (or at least what I thought a business man should feel like.) However, sooner than later, the novelty of Wall Street wore off. I felt as if I was a hamster caught in an endless running wheel; with an ever increasing workload of monotonous tasks. The repetitive grind seemed to tear the creative juices from my soul. I began to feel as if I was more robot than human, required to do the job in a certain way and not to stray too far with creativity. In those two years I both lost and gained a large part of myself, but came out knowing that this wasn’t right. There had to be a different way. Sometimes in life when everyone else around you is enjoying their surroundings it can be very difficult to admit that you don’t; that you are different, that you are an entrepreneur.

So I left the company and eventually started my own company. I am now on to my second venture which my partner and I will be working on out of the Summer Venture Program this summer. While the road is long and often bumpy and filled with traffic, the sights are often worth the detours. Here’s to a road filled with quick failures, long successes and a whole lot of learning!