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Israel: Yesterday and Tomorrow

By Michael Terzi

As we entered the ancient city of Jaffa following our flight, Steve, our tour educator was going through the eventful itinerary that lay ahead of us. But no one could pay much attention to the details because there was something about this place that made us all awe in its presence. Immediately stepping foot on the grounds of Israel, I felt a powerful mix of ancient history and the technology of our future. The group was unbelievable, the staff even better and none of us knew what was ahead of us.

The group on-site

The group on-site

Doing more eating than sleeping (still can’t eat falafel or shwarma), we right away hit the streets of Tel Aviv where we were taking commands from IDF military prospects and doing laps on along the beach. Not wasting any time, we took our knowledge of Israel’s secret ingredient, their military and hit the streets of Herziliya- the Palo Alto of Tel Aviv. From the Microsoft accelerator to the Venture Capitalists leading the technological innovation in the sector, we got a firsthand taste of the dynamic environment that results in Israel having more companies listing on the Nasdaq per capita than any other country in the world. After seeing pills with cameras inside that take snapshots of your insides and apps that make you appear better looking in photos I couldn’t help turn to my friend with a smirk and say “when we got get home we better get to work.”

Being mentored by the most influential leaders in the country who were completely genuine and helpful truly inspired every single group member. Israel has created a dynamic hub where innovation and start-ups cannot be stopped. Concentrated on the future and fully surrounded by history Israel is a place that one must see to believe