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Pitching Your Business

Pitch to improve…


Intimidating right?

I was in New York a few weeks ago talking with the founder of a young health care start-up.  We met through a mutual friend who wanted me to give this new entrepreneur some tips on pitching.  The entrepreneur came from a technical background and felt uncomfortable “on stage” presenting his idea. He loved working in the laboratory and was passionate about his idea, but he knew he was struggling to communicate the value and promise of his company.

Some entrepreneurs hide their ideas – afraid that someone or something might steal their dream away from them, but there is something else at work.  It is hard to share an idea that is close to the heart.  Many entrepreneurs see their businesses as an extension of their own identity.  This is right. Creating a business is a form of self-expression.  It it can be hard to share your passions or a part of yourself with others in midst of the cynicism of the day (even the word “passion” elicits rolled eyes from an audience).

I get it – sticking your neck out for an idea is tough, but it is worth it.  No snide comment or negative audience can take away the feeling you get from creating something from nothing.  If you really believe in what you are working on then tell everyone about it.  Live your dream and share it – all the time. The first time you pitch your idea will be tough, but it gets better.  The best advice I can give is to pitch as often as possible.  If you take every opportunity to pitch you’ll receive much needed feedback and your delivery and confidence will improve.

My final piece of advice to the entrepreneur was to have fun pitching his idea… why do something unless you can enjoy it!  So get out there, have fun, and remember that your colleagues and the Babson Community is there to help.