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Act, Now!

Do you have a big business idea? A way to improve a process or system at work? Maybe you really want to talk to that one person who keeps stealing your gaze away?

Why not make a million dollars, get the promotion at work or begin a new relationship?

Does fear, over-thinking, or over-planning tend to stop you?

Act, Now!

Progress. Achievement. Success. These are all things impossible to reach without action. Failure can at times come as a result of action as well. Failure too, is progress.

As an early-stage start-up which began a relatively short time ago, action is a core value of Jossle. My team of co-founders have a no-sleep cultural work ethic. In fact, following the first three days the venture was thought of, we had already established a web presence, gained 94 sign-ups, social media presence and following and all with less than 8 hours of sleep total each.

It is exactly this level of dedication that has propelled us to attract our first client interest only 3 months later during a time where we were not yet looking for clients. Jossle has been featured within Business Insider, BostInno, Elite Daily, and My Two circles all for the venture’s commitment to action.

When confronted with any goal or endeavor, move, and move quickly. Put your best foot down as perfectly as you can, and then take another step.

Don’t stop.

You are on a mission. Time off from the mission can only delay you or even worse, possibly lead to failure. (Of course, there are exceptions to everything and at times you will need to take a step back)

Entrepreneurship is not in the business plans that we make, but in the steps that we take. It is the action-oriented, learning approach to our goals that is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a mentality, a lifestyle. Every entrepreneur has things to accomplish, people to meet and goals to reach. Time only moves forward, leaving us with incrementally less time to do all of these things. So really, your only choice is to act, now.