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A Classical Journey at Wellesley: Mythos/Melos

By Dominic Esposito: Music will be flying off the page at Wellesley’s “Intertwining Threads of Music and Narrative” as faculty pianists Lois Shapiro and Randall Hodgkinson perform Stravinsky’s revolutionary ballets, Petroushka and The Firebird, plus original works February 9, 2013 at 8pm in Jewett Art Center Auditorium at Wellesley College
This event is highly recommended for Babson’s Classical Crowd. Stravinsky’s “Petroushka” and “

The Firebird” are two heart-racing pieces that will take you on a journey from the minute the first note is played. Take the time to listen to the videos hyperlinked above, and let the music speak for itself. Remember though that these artists will be performing a rare two-piano adaption, rather than the classical orchestral in the videos. This makes the performance a true spectacle.

The performance also includes the world premiere of Martin Brody’s “True Pete” which was composed as a “musical response” to Stravinsky’s Petrouchka.

The performance starts at 8pm, check the shuttle schedule, and make sure to get a seat!

Dominic Esposito, Class of 2016 at Babson College