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DJ Grip Comes to Babson

By Christopher LoGrippo: I still recall that conversation with my grandfather when I was six years old. “Hey, grandpa, what are you called again?” “I’m an entrepreneur,” he said. “An entrepre– what?” I asked. “I’m an entrepreneur,” he said chuckling. “I own and operate a business that I founded independently.” After he explained exactly what his job entailed, my mind was settled. I was going to be an entrepreneur just like my grandfather. I even enjoyed dressing in business suits. I still continue to maintain this dream of one day owning my own big business.

Years flew by and my ardent desire never dwindled. “Chris, you were born with a briefcase. We’ve always seen the businessman in you,” my parents would often tell me. Math, especially when dealing with financial matters, was always my favorite academic subject. When I turned 13, I decided to become more active in reaching my ultimate goal. Since I had a solid interest in technology and a growing passion for many genres of music, I made an attempt to start a small DJ business. My excitement knew no bounds as I made my first real step toward my lifetime dream. Helping to purchase simple starter equipment, my dad, also an entrepreneur, gave his strongest support to my venture. After months of practice, I was well prepared for my first job. I tried every avenue of advertisement, such as business cards and newspaper flyers, and I was thrilled to watch my small business expand to a size I never had projected. As I slowly upgraded any obsolete equipment, my small business expanded rapidly. Over a period of four years, I strove to succeed in my newly found passion. At the age of 18, I have started to realize my dream of becoming a large-scale entrepreneur.

Now, as a first-year student at Babson College, I have been marketing my name around campus. I recently was hired as a Theater Technician for the Sorenson Center for the Arts, where my favorite job is working the sound board. While it has become slightly more difficult to find time for DJ jobs on top of the academic workload, I am interested in finding Babson-run events on campus, such as the Thursday Night Series, for which to provide music. My ultimate goal here at Babson as DJ Grip is to appear as a special guest DJ at a Knight Party.

Christopher LoGrippo, Class of 2016 at Babson College