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The Band Room In Park Manor Central

By Roxelane Wagner: Wonder if everyone on campus is aware of the band room’s existence in Park Manor Central. I know I discovered it by chance around the end of October. While I was hanging out on the first floor, I suddenly heard loud music that was not coming from anyone’s room. I was informed this was the “Band Room”. Soon after signing the user agreement, I gained access to this room. I never expected, when coming to Babson College, that I was going to use such a room. I had played the piano in Thailand and China for a total of six years. But when leaving Beijing for Istanbul, I “tirer un trait sur” the piano: I decided to stop and not touch one ever again for personal reasons. However, after hearing a student play in the common room of Coleman, I decided to start again.

I do not know what students imagine when thinking of the band room. Do they presume a large room? An isolated one? Personally, I was comforted by discovering a room I was expecting: not too large, full of instruments, and most importantly, it was peaceful. I like to play when no one is around, when it is just me and the instrument. I use the band room to primarily re-discover and pursue this passion that I had left aside for many years. Most importantly, I use it to escape the stresses of college and enter a world full of notes and enchantments.

Roxelane Wagner, Class of 2016 at Babson College