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Winter Break Realization

By Dominic Esposito: When I put down my overflowing luggage in my room, sat down on my bed, and let out an exhausted breath, I looked to my right and saw my passion. To the right were my alto sax, soprano sax, music stand, and never-ending collection of sheet music. This time I decided my break would be devoted to improvisation, rather than my usual classical pieces I love so much.

I busted out my newfound favorite backtracks from RandomJammer ( and started with some classic Bb blues and slowly moved to the other end of the spectrum with some Brecker Brothers Funk.

It occurred to me in this moment that I was missing out at Babson; that I have not fully fulfilled my passion for saxophone and music here at Babson.

Although we all seem to pack our schedules with more than 24 hours of activities every day, my resolution for this New Year is to give myself time for the saxophone.

So, this is a call to all saxophones, I’ll be jamming to some backtracks every Sunday from 2-5pm in the Park Manor Central Band Room. If you are interested, email me at so we can both continue to live our passion.

Dominic Esposito, Class of 2016 at Babson College