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Bread and Puppet Theater at the BCA

By Michèle Oshima: “I’ve been involved with the Bread and Puppet Theater <> since 1997 when I participated in a collaboration between them, EITALC (a Latin American and Caribbean Theater Consortium), and MIT’s Office of the Arts. I love Bread and Puppet’s work, which combines global current events and politics with live action, puppetry and live music. I’ve had the pleasure of making large-scale papier maché puppets, performing with the puppets, playing on the sidelines, and helping out where needed. There is a global tribe of puppeteers, just like there is for street artists. Once you are part of the Bread and Puppet extended family, you can travel the world and meet other puppeteers. While I rarely have enough time to perform with puppets these days, I still look forward to hearing and hosting musicians who come down in October for Honk Fest <>. I was among the musicians who came together for the first major anti-Iraq war protest in Boston. During that demonstration, we were surrounded by Bread and Puppet puppeteers and slitters. The local musicians became the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band <> that went on to found Honk Fest.  I urge you to experience the performances of both Bread and Puppet and Honk Fest.

Fortunately, you have an opportunity this coming weekend to attend either or both  of their current productions “The Possibilitarians and Dead Man Rises” and “The Circus of the Possibilitarians” in Boston. I’ll be there for both performances on Saturday.”

Michèle Oshima, Director, Sorenson Center for the Arts