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Olin Rock Orchestra Wins Mass., “Who Are These Guys??” Experts Say

By Kristoffer Groth: Well we’re working hard to get everything ready for our show this weekend and still have plenty of things to stitch together! From the way it looks now, though, it should be a pretty ripping show and hopefully we’ll be pulling off things people would have never expected. This will definitely be the biggest show that the Olin Rock Orchestra has played since forming in the Spring of 2011…and we can’t wait. We’re looking forward to a fantastic night that starts with Kory Kautz and his Jammelammers and ends by blowing everyone’s socks off. We’re quite confident when we say that this is pants down going to be the music event of the semester at Babson. Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday night!

Kristoffer Groth, student at Olin College