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“Creaction” at Babson

Paty Palumbo (1st year Babson MBA Class 2014): When things seem to be changing faster than I can grasp them, when it feels like I am running from one class to another and I’m never able to finish what I need to do, there is one place where I always, and I really mean, always find peace. Dance is my escape from all the craziness around me. It is my little sacred place and I want to share it with you.

Dancing is one of the few things that have remained the same in the last month. Moving away from my country, living alone for the first time and studying in a foreign language has all been difficult to adjust to. But dancing does not care about barriers, paradigms, stereotypes or cultures. Through movement I can express my feelings and emotions without even saying a word. Dancing sets me free and erases from my mind all the words that keep rolling all day long: “liabilities, profit, p-value, Porter’s 5 forces…”

For me it was a surprise to see how Babson incorporated art in the MBA with the Creating Presentations. At first, some of my teammates from painting class argued about not being able to plan and calculate every single inch of the project. And then it was very interesting to see how we created a final presentation of live painting in which improvisation and creativity took the greatest part. It was really “Creaction”. This project was meant to liberate us from the typical squared managerial thinking and to open our minds to the world of uncertainty and entrepreneurial thinking. And like dancing does to me, I’m happy that trough this project the Babson Class 2014 got to experience how liberating and balancing art can be.