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A Trip to the Gardner Musuem; A Trip Home

Dominic Esposito: Sit down, close your eyes, and “get lost in the music.” I’ve heard this phrase, “get lost in the music” before, but I’ve never gotten the chance to experience it until Sunday 9/9 at the Isabella-Stewart Gardner Museum. To understand my experience, you would’ve had to walk in my shoes on that day. So, let me take you through the day. I’ve never been to a museum and I’ve never been to Boston. So as you could imagine, I walked out of the van and onto the streets of Boston, eyes wide-open, with an edge-to-edge smile across my face. As I walked into the Gardner Museum I was welcomed by modern art that got progressively more contemporary and then classical. Soon I was in the company of unbelievable sights with world importance; pieces from Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Italy, Asia, the Islamic world, and 19th-century France and America. You could imagine that while walking around I was in a complete state of awe. Walking into the musical hall, a piece of modern art itself (see attached images, translated that visual awe into auditory awe. I closed my eyes, opened my ears, and in this classical bliss, got lost.  My imagination wrote the story to the music, taking me out of my chair in this foreign place, and bringing me home for the first time since I’ve been in college. If you’re reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about, I dare you to go to a peaceful place, listen to something that resonates with you, close your eyes, and put your own story to the music. You’ll be surprised where music can take you.

Dominic Espositio, Class of 2016