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Tools to create marketing content

Typically, at a very minimum any startup would need a website, so acquiring/retaining a technical talent is important.

Aside from technical skills, what is the next business skill that could be useful to a startup founder? Could be marketing. It is hard to outsource, and, along with sales, is everybody’s job in a startup, no matter what their title says. People like and adopt quickly a free, quality content.

A HubSpot blog describes “14 Unique Types of Content Every Marketer Should Try”.

Those types and the tools to create some of them are:

1. Animated Gifs (

2. Comics/Cartoons (

3. Concept/Content Visualizations (

4. Controversial Content

5. Livestreaming Video

6. Embedded Tweets (

7. Event Information

8. Infographics

9. Memes (

10. Music Videos

11. Original Data (

12. Podcasts

13. SlideShare Presentations (

14. User-Generated Content