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For Those MAD For Creativity

Nak Hyun Kim:

MAD Studio, Media and Design Studio, for those MAD for creativity.

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Every one of us, hopefully, has desire to create. However, we often face lack of resources and technology to realize whatever is in our brain. Creating the creative environment where potentials explode into realization for the benefit of the community or even society, I would say that this is what has driven the Babson Media Group to work through this year for the establishment of the MAD studio, where people can realize the creativity in their head and heart. With this thought I have engaged in creating that atmosphere of realization of creativity. The MAD studio has two murals facing each other, literally and ideologically. The natural wall, with the green lush surrounding the TV, symbolizes the creativity in the heart: intuitional and something you just can’t explain with words. The other wall, the mechanical wall, with gears and steams designed with plan, deals with the mechanical, planned aspect of creativity. While creating these murals, challenging the two different parts of creativity, I grew the passion like the lush of the natural wall and burned the passion like the fire and steam of the mechanical wall. The desire to create, realizing the fog in my head, is the passion that I have, should have, for the MAD studio. And I expect such passion from my fellow BMG members and those who come into MAD studio.


Nak Hyun Kim