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Being a Musician at Babson

Solomon Zheng: Playing the piano is one of my hobbies. Before I arrived at Babson, one of my concerns was not being able to get involved in music at a business school. However, during the freshman orientation days, I received an email from Michele, the Director of Sorenson Center for the Arts, about various opportunities to pursue arts at Babson and nearby colleges: private instrumental lessons at Wellesley College and cross-campus orchestra bands, just to name a few. I decided to continue taking piano lessons in College and contacted Michele regarding private lessons, who quickly signed me up with Mrs. Louis Shapiro, an exceptional pianist and music mentor at Wellesley College. As the semester went on, the busy curriculum at Babson started to tap into my free time and my practice time became less. However, I was glad that Mrs. Shapiro, who mostly taught aspiring pianists at Wellesley, understood my situation and even encouraged me to prioritize my school work first and “enjoy the practice when [I] have the moment”. I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue my hobby and the support from Michele and Mrs. Shapiro.

Piano Resources at Babson:

Solomon Zheng, Class of 2015