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Creativity: The Synonym of Music

Dominic Esposito:

Pictured above is my life. Whether you recognize “It’s a Wonderful World” on the left, “Mr. Saxobeat” in the middle, “Piano man” on the right, or any track in between, you and I share a similar passion—music. Look across from left to right: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues, Dance, Electric, Ballad, Classical, Contemporary, Big Band…you name it, I listen to it. I love music’s diverse quality; it’s endless. Every day you can discover a new song, album, artist, or even genre. Music is forever evolving, but what will remain constant is the other side to music: performing. This form of music allows you to create your own genre or style.

As a saxophone musician who lives for rich chords and beautiful tones, my conductor names my own genre of music “Big-Softie,” paralleling sounds like that of Holsinger’s On a Hymn Song of Lowell Mason or Hazo’s In Heaven’s Air.” I’m not exactly thrilled with the name, but hey, it’s how I love to perform—classically that is. Now if you’re talking jazz, I have a completely contrasting style like the laid back blues of Cannonball Adderley’s Corcovado.” The styles differ in the expression behind them; the way I express music in classical is unlike the way I express music in jazz.

Whether it’s listening or performing, music is my passion because it gives us the ability to express creativity. Be it any style or genre, listening or performing, music defines you.

Dominic Esposito, Babson Class of 2016