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Website Design for Entrepreneurs

Website design is the bane of many entrepreneurs’ existence, particularly if you are starting a business that does not involve e-commerce. Who wants to spend cash on an expensive website designer in the early stages?

There’s a few websites now that provide professional looking templates that are easy to customize and update. They provide a good starting point until entrepreneurs are ready to take the plunge and invest in a custom site (if they decide to go that route).

Some of these sites also offer store options.

See below for a few recommendations we think are conducive to a bootstrapping.

Carbonmade is good for portfolios and pictures of work. Even better, it’s free if you only want to upload a limited amount of photos. It provides professional templates and is easy to navigate.
Wix provides excellent flash templates that are, well, flashy. Try it out for free and upgrade if it’s a fit. You can even use your own domain name and they have eCommerce sites for those entrepreneurs trying to make their first sale.
Want to build your own website? Give Weebly a shot. Free with limited usage.
Clean and contemporary templates make Squarespace fun to experiment with. It also provides a free trial for those self starters looking to shop around.
Less of a website, and more of a “personal page”. is perfect for an entrepreneur who wants to brand themselves on the web. Almost like an online business card, can connect people viewing your page to different social media, including your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages.