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Great new collaboration tool

I work a lot remotely.  I mean a lot.  When you are running a business that involves coordinating with 11 different people, some in New Zealand, some in Australia, some in England and some in Boston you spend a lot of time in virtual meetings.  Add to this – we are currently building a new service that involves running online workshops for our business (JumpShift) I’m always on the hunt for new tools that foster collaboration at a distance.

Generally I’m disappointed.  Many of the popular ‘social’ tools just don’t cut it for business purposes.  We are all busy and they make self promotion easy but not collaboration.  However I’m very happy to say that we have been testing and will be using a real gem – Edistorm.

The Edistorm premise is simple.  They allow you to do everything that you currently do with post-it sticky notes online.  Multiple people can brainstorm using post-it’s on one shared ‘storm’.  There are a variety of storms available including the very popular ‘business model’ canvas making Edistorm a great way to collaborate with your team while defining your start-ups business model.  Check it out and enjoy.  I’m off to attend another online meeting….