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Knowing the functions of your startup

When creating a startup, it’s important that everyone within the company at least has a general grasp of what everyone else does. This way, people can not only help out if need be, but they can also input facets of the different positions into their daily routine.

For example, for someone who is working on the design for your advertising, he or she may not be able to understand that even something as seemingly benign as text within an image can affect how the page ranks within a search engine. With a previous understanding, that person would be able to place live, HTML text within the image instead of pressing it into the image.

As an entrepreneur, it’s great to be a jack-of-all-trades. Knowing what everyone does will help you prioritize initiatives and help delegate work within your company. For the rest of your startup, have meetings or one-on-one tutorials to help everyone gain a broader understanding of what it is that everyone does. Small tweaks like this will help your company run smoother and prevent any incommunicable topics between employees.

Of course, keeping certain aspects of the company the same is necessary. Having the same business cards, promotional materials and email domains are the staples to keeping a cohesive marketing identity. But for the day-to-day activities of each person, it’s good to always keep an ongoing dialogue to bridge the gaps between the different positions.