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Is your Startup on Google+?

If you’re not already circled in with the rapidly increasing Google+ user database, now is the time. A few days ago, Larry Page of Google reported that Google+ has 90 million users, which was more than 10 million users greater than was predicted the new social network would have at this point.

The benefit of Google+ from an entrepreneurial perspective is quite different from any social network in existence. With Google’s new addition of “Search Plus Your World”, your Google+ account and online activities in general can now show up in your Google+ circles’ Google search results for certain queries. Think of Google+ as a search engine and social network combined. This means more exposure for your small business, an opportunity to be remembered by people that have circled you on Google+, and an opportunity to drive traffic to your content.

The first two benefits are fairly self-explanatory, but let me tell you what I mean by the link building advantage. First off, this will only work if you have a decent social media presence (meaning at least a small interest in your company), and a good website. To create a nice looking website to match the sleek look of Google+, use a custom website builder to make an inviting and well-made website. A social media presence and nice website can nicely compliment your existing email marketing campaigns as well as your local online directory. After this step, become connected to the people that will help you spread your small business. Post topics, articles or products from your website that will be seen by people in their Google search results. Hopefully, this will make people +1 you, or repost your link in their social networks. In turn, this may potential drive more traffic to your site.

While Google+ is seemingly just another social network, you should use it in a more marketing oriented way than you might Facebook and Twitter. Think about what people search for on Google before posting something to Google+, and before long, you may see more people interested in your business.