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Managing Work Flow Between Businesses

Running 3 business is quite hard. Clearly, we decided to create up three startups for betterment of the companies as a whole.

We started Blank Label as our premier store, allowing customers to create-their-own dress shirts with all the styling options they loved.

Then we launched RE:custom, as a hub about customization, solidifying our position as a thought leader in the space of mass-customization and co-creation. The aims here were to foster better relations with other non-competing customization companies to build a stronger network and learn from them, and to make Blank Label more credible as THE revolutionary company for dress shirts.

Finally, we are in the process of launching Thread Tradition, which is our showing of how agile we are as a company, realizing a good percentage of Blank Label buyers just wanted a nice shirt that was individually made and fit, rather than something that they could completely design themselves. Plus those customers were power buyers, buying more frequently, willing to pay higher prices for quality service, so it only made sense to position TT the way we have with luxury fabrics, better service and a higher price point.

We’ve been able to separate teams for each company fairly well, so work flow isn’t too complicated. But there will be many lessons learned to come.

Danny Wong is the co-founder of Blank Label Group and a blogger at HuffingtonPost, TheNextWeb and ReadWriteWeb.