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The Battle with Scale

We keep wondering about how we can prep for scale, looking to hire new awesome team members all the time, looking into building our of manufacturing facility and such.

But we can’t find the best reasons to scale. Our sales are good, but not explosive. Our funds aren’t too high, so we need to be conservative with how we spend.

Growing this startup will be one of the harder tasks, at least, the hardest task of this quarter and perhaps the next few quarters.

Also, while we’re splitting our focus between awesome men’s dress shirts, and better-fitting dress shirts, things get complicated. We are also spending a bit of time and money in running our customization blog, so finding time to do more, and be more than we are is a bit difficult.

Do we want to grow into this big behemoth so soon? Are we ready to handle all of that pressure?

Danny Wong runs the incredibly modest Blank Label Group and writes about startups and things over at HuffingtonPost, TheNextWeb and ReadWriteWeb.