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Online Marketing Offline

More recently we have explored more things for our marketing arsenal, from trying different search engines and testing our Google Adwords campaigns on their systems, to experimenting with more networks in display advertising, to more affiliate networks, but none of those panned out.

In fact, what we have been trying to do is online marketing offline. More of getting the word out on the street, creating landing pages online for special URLs that we market, and immensely targeting our customer such that they’re almost forced into a sale (but they think it’s their choice).

So far, things have been successful here. It’s not quite the most scalable channel, what with how volatile marketing channels are in general, and with how quickly you can oversaturate an audience, making your ads no longer effective. But things are looking OK so far and we’ll keep pushing these marketing efforts so that we can grow our customer base a bit more.

Danny Wong is the Brand Manager for Blank Label Group, working with the startups Blank Label, Thread Tradition and RE:custom. Danny also blogs at HuffingtonPost, TheNextWeb and ReadWriteWeb.