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Lessons Learned from Shopping Online

I’ve been engrossed in online shopping recently.

I’ve recently come upon a wrist-watch addiction, realizing this after spending countless hours browsing watch forums learning about the beauty of horology.

The places I usually go to shop for my watch needs are Daily Deal site trackers tracking watch sales since you have daily deals in almost every niche these days. I also scour the popular flash sale sites like Gilt, Hautelook, Beyond the Rack (my favorite), and Editor’s Closet.

But from shopping online, I realized how important it is to showcase product details and benefits for a customer to have a really, really happy purchase. I was looking at Vintage Rolex sales on Gilt, and knowing a bit more than the layman about vintage pieces, I realized Gilt left out important pieces of information like the crystal builds, the general value of the piece at that point and time, and so on. Instead, Gilt decided to leave out that important information to make a quick sale, which certainly worked since most of those pieces are sold already, but the fact is, a few of those buyers, especially first-time vintage buyers that don’t really understand the value of watches or vintage pieces, will feel like they were taken advantage of in that deal and won’t be happy Gilt shoppers again. As a responsible business, you want to ensure you always have happy customers because it’s less about the first transaction and much more about the fourth and the fifth.

Danny Wong is an avid online shopper, building online conglomerate Blank Label Group, managing the fashion brands Blank LabelThread Tradition and RE:custom. Danny also writes about tech, entrepreneurship and social media at HuffingtonPostTheNextWeb and ReadWriteWeb.