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Lessons Learned from Shopping at the Mall

It’s interesting how some stores still have salespeople. Like real, hardcore salespeople that still work on part-base salary and part-commission.

You see how quickly an associate will come by and tail your store experience making sure you’re never left unattended. It’s a bit horrifying for someone just browsing to feel pressured into trying something on, then the guilt of not buying.

But of course, as a smart shopper, you should never be swayed by a salesperson and maintain only your own opinions on pieces to buy and not to buy.

But from a marketing standpoint, the use of the salesperson can be really beneficial. In fact, they can be there to educate you, give their honest opinion, act as your honest shopping buddy if you’ve got no one else, and with those things in mind, you’re more likely to feel comfortable shopping and have a greater sense of loyalty to that store.

Shopping is fun.

Danny Wong used to be a mall-rat, now turned entrepreneur running Blank Label Group, managing clothing fashion brands Blank LabelThread Tradition and RE:custom. Danny also writes about marketing, management, entrepreneurship and social media at HuffingtonPostTheNextWeb and ReadWriteWeb.