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Sleep is Underrated

For the last few days, I’ve been undervaluing sleep, thinking it’s OK to go on 4 hours each day and churn the midnight oil because there’s tons of stuff that needs to be done.

If I work twice as hard, I will be twice as effective.

Clearly, that’s a fool’s thought, but with so many things going on, I had to put in more hours recently. But now that things have slowed down, my body’s breaking down. Luckily, it’s not shattering, but that’s another issue.

I seem to want mid-day naps. Partly because my 4 hour sleep is inadequate rest, partly because it’s also a frequently interrupted 4 hour sleep, which is never undisturbed for plenty of personal reasons.

As an entrepreneur, looking to manage a business and manage my health at the same time, it’ll be important that I get adequate rest on a daily basis to give work my all, when I’m working.

Danny Wong co-founded Blank Label back in 2009, first starting BL Shirts, then RE:custom the blog and finally Thread Tradition shirts. Danny is also a blogger over at outlets HuffingtonPostTheNextWeb and ReadWriteWeb.