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Reflections on Being a Remote Team

After 15 months of the team always being remote to some extent, it’s been a revelation, even though things have been working out well, that we need to stick together.

After touting how great remote operations work, for a business to grow, being completely remote just isn’t an ideal solution. As your business is scaling, the team just benefits a lot more when you’re all working together because of the energy and motivation you have knowing your co-workers are working hard towards great goals.

Heck, sometimes I think it might even been cool to have operations and administration working in the same space, meaning we’d be working in the same place as our tailors who are sewing our customized men’s dress shirts. While that just doesn’t make sense since we manufacture out of Shanghai, the company is based in Boston, and because the sewing machines would just be much too loud to concentrate, it has some appeal.

We’ll have to see how we a local team will work out, if it’s at all a feasible option (why is finding great talent so hard?!?!) and then write another post.

Danny Wong is the co-founder of BL Group, the conglomerate conquering the web with men’s dress shirts from, fitted dress shirts from, and reviews of custom products and services with