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Leveraging Social Media for a Start-up

Drive More Traffic To Your Website With Social Media

Starting a new business with the internet as your shopfront means competing with many other online businesses, but it also means that you have access to much more free traffic than you could ever hope for. To get that free traffic, online start-ups might want to embrace social media. Here are some tips on how to get started:

Tweet Without Being A Twit:

Twitter is the hottest social media fad for businesses. Send out tweets that are related not only to your business, but to your niche industry. You can send out tweets about your latest promotions, internal news or even comments on what is going on around you. Try to be engaging, but do not over tweet or you will loose followers. Before you tweet, ask yourself, “Will my followers gain any value from this 140 characters?”  Focusing on growing your following is only a matter of your time and can lead to 1000’s of free impressions every time you tweet.

Share exclusive discount codes through Twitter to inspire more of your potential and current customers to become Twitter followers. Be sure to use keywords that people are likely to search for. For example, instead of referring to your cupcakes by their brand name of “SweetTreats” use the phrase “gourmet cupcakes” to attract new Twitter followers. Twitter can also serve as a great outlet for customer care, you can engage your customers directly through DM and help them place orders or answer questions.  Many large brands are currently use this type of customer service: Comcast, AT&T, Vistaprint & Euro-pro to name a few.

Get Liked On Facebook:

Set up a Facebook page for your online business. Like Twitter, Facebook is free to use. You can use HootSuite to set up updates to your Facebook page as well as Twitter, but make the content different so potential customers engage with your online business through both mediums. Remind your Twitter followers of your Facebook page and your Facebook fans of your Twitter presence on occasion to strengthen both methods of communicating with current and potential customers.

Make use of your Facebook page’s discussion board feature. Frequently add topics for current and potential customers to discuss that are related to your industry and business. When someone comments on your Facebook page, his or her friends will see it, take the time to look at your Facebook page, and then visit your online business’s website.

Facebook contests or Facebook connect are great ways to grow your following of integrate your business with Facebook.  There are very inexpensive apps like Wildfire, that will allow you to run a contest or giveaway without a big budget or legal hassle.  Make sure to add mention of Facebook on your site so users can like and share your products without ever leaving your site.

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