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Let’s Make Shopping a Fun Experience

So, after a year’s worth of trial-and-error, more error-than-trial, we’ve learned a ton about how to properly build our web business, which is now a conglomerate managing two custom shirt startups and a blog on customization. Actually, I am giving us too much credit because we have learned a ton, but have a lot more to learn, and I’m pretty excited about that opportunity for us to grow!

The company has grown to an exciting size of 12, with thousands of customers in over 30 countries, and the numbers of co-creation supporters keep growing.

It’s also great how other businesses are sprouting up, to join the movement to change the way we all shop.

With great businesses finding more capital investment, others growing tremendously in revenue, it’s a wonder that not everyone knows about customization yet. But they’ll surely find out soon enough.

We’re now trying to make sure that shopping is a fun experience versus an efficient or cheap solution. We’re pushing the emotional buttons to get people really exciting about designing-their-own products and joining the revolution. It’s all exciting. With our dress shirts, it’s just the start.

Let’s see how we move forward.