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Reasons for Expanding

Now that just seems like a silly statement. Expansion happens because it’s the obvious thing to do, right?

Wrong. You shouldn’t expand for the sake of expanding, instead, you should expand because your company needs it, because there is opportunity available, because you can justify it and not just expand in vain.

What have we done to further expand our growth as a business? Well, we expanded into multiple businesses.

While we continue to build Blank Label to be the most compelling design-it-yourself dress shirt experience, we’re about to launch Thread Tradition which will be the easiest way for you to get your own custom men’s shirt,  taking a more than classic spin on the classic dress shirt, but just making it more awesome.

We also just launched RE:custom, which is our blog about customization companies shining some spotlight on the customization movement and improve our standing as a market leader in the co-creation industry.

Expansion certainly isn’t an easy move since managing one business, never mind one that’s growing and then adding on more responsibility with several businesses-to-grow, is difficult, but we’re expanding because there’s more work that needs to be done if we’re going to effectively change the way people shop forever.