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Use AdWords To Know Key Phrase Traffic Part 3

The traffic of a single word can bring or might not bring in loads of traffic. Learning how to forecast the best words would be an amazing feat, and some people do it. When it comes to Google and their changes to the Google Keyword Tools, you may be wondering what you do now, and possibly worried that what words you DO pick for your business or website may not have the best traffic as you may have hoped. We talked about picking the 25 or less key words and that you can only have 25 different campaign accounts, as well as what to do to start your ad groups and getting things going. This would include picking the best traffic word you can find and then write the ad around it, but keeping it relevant. Make sure it is good, but not too good unless Google Ads will be your main source of advertising. Lets move on to the next:

Next thing that you should focus on is just getting your ad on ‘Page 1’ so to speak. You want to be on the front page of websites that use Google Ad words. Next is that you just want to find the number of impressions, not look for clicks.

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