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Find Success In The Failure Of Others

Sometimes you will see or hear about a product that comes from either larger companies or from a startup, that seems to be a great idea that meets a worthy need, and you see or hear about how it either never took off or barely did. There are times when great ideas are ahead of their time or they are pushed on us too quickly, and other products capitalize on or extend from this market months or years later. Andrew Parker said on his blog, The Gong Show, Wednesday that this is exactly the type of thing that has happened with the Q&A service boom we see thriving today.

Nowadays, services similar to Facebook Questions, Quora, and specifically StackOverflow, are very common. You can find them all over, but only a select few have actually obtained a significant and loyal user base. You may be wondering why it is so popular now when it was around so long before. Google launched Google Answers, an online Q&A market where users can be awarded actual money for their abilities to find information online. As time went on, Google stopped with that and many others rose up to take its place, including Yahoo! Answers, which is still around. Money is not what keeps people going to find information now, there are many other rewards that motivate them, and so Q&A grows.

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