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Most Common Social Media Villains Part #4

There are a lot of things that should be done to make sure your blog gets as many readers as you can get. You should make your topic sound interesting to attract more readers, how you use promotions to grab a larger audience is important, and you should have a good layout. But be careful, there are people out there that would love nothing more than watch a blog fail. Here are a few of the more common villains you will see, and how to defend against them.

Not many people like to be corrected or upstaged in knowledge, so the know-it-all is naturally annoying to people. A know-it-all will not make many comments unless it is to correct what someone else wrote, or to disagree with it. They sometimes have a photo of Einstein that was altered a bit. You should have rational responses to the know-it-all and present a case that is as tough as you can make it, while keeping a cool tone that is not marked at all with annoyance, they might sense it and see it as a weakness.

The next villain is the whistle blower. They will announce or complain about anything they think is done for profit, and they usually have a smug photo of themselves. Use remarkable content to dispose of the whistle blowers.

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