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Most Common Social Media Villains Part #3

When starting a blog, there are many things that must be just right for your blog to soar to new heights and attract larger amounts of bloggers. The success or fail of your blog needs a mixture of several factors to be right. There is how you use promotions to interest a bigger group of people, and there is the layout of your blog. The topic of your blog is obviously important, for without a topic, not many people will be interested, however, there are other things that must be dealt with. Some of the villains that you will most often encounter while growing your blog are listed, and also listed are ways to avoid or stop them effectively.

Some of the many villains of a blog are the skeptics. Skeptics claim that everything that the see is manufactured or photoshopped. They are likely to have an image somehow related to their favorite SCI-FI character. There really is no defense against skeptics, if you give them proof that something is real, they will deny it without question, just ignore them or bury their comments.

Then there are the shameless link droppers. Shameless link droppers comment only so they can throw a link in it, and they usually have a company logo. Have some tough moderation and a policy where dropping links are not allowed.

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