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Most Common Social Media Villains Part #2

If you are going to create a blog or you already have, it is useful to know a few things to make your blog easier to manage. Many things factor in to the success or downfall of a blog, including the topic and the layout. The promotions that you use or used to reach bigger groups of people is another important factor, but knowing the most common villains in blogs and knowing how to stop them may be just as important as any other factor mentioned so far.

One of these common inconveniences of blogging is the emo. An emo is not a problem unless it is messed with, and there are not many ways to distinguish an emo from a non-emo before an outburst. The best tactic on an emo is to let them cool off. Cooling off may take awhile, depending on how upset they are.

Another type of annoyance on blogs are those who bury comments. These people also cannot be distinguished very easily from the normal bloggers, they go to blogs to bury any and all comments they do not see fit to be up with their own comments. Promoting power users can protect your blog because the people who bury other bloggers’ comments hate social bookmarking success.

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