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Most Common Social Media Villains Part #1

When you are creating a blog, there are many contributing factors to the welfare or destruction of the blog. The layout of the blog is important. The topic is another important factor, and the promotions used to reach greater heights, and get larger crowds’ attention. However, there are some people out there who can make your road to success much more difficult than it needs to be, and others who are determined to do so. Here is a few of the most common villains you will find while you grow your blog, and a few words of advice on how to stop them.

The first I will mention is the one I personally find more aggravating, the troll. Trolls go to blogs for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to offend other bloggers and cause as much tension and grief as they possibly can, and usually have very childish or offending user pic. Burying their comments only makes them more persistent, so many people find it best to ignore them, try not to be nice to them to shut them up, it may be fun ,but they might think you are just trying to bury them and only fuel their fire.

Another is the disruptor. A disruptor says things that do not make sense because they did not read the whole article and often have no avatar or a default one. Your best defense is to simply ignore, as arguing will only continue the out-of-subject conversation.

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