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Weekly Roundup Babson Entrepreneurs #3

Zork Hits Kindle 3
Bringing back the old fashion Zork and the other parts of its series seems to have been a real great idea. It has some bugs but it is still unclear if it is the Kindle’s browser fault or if the game is actually buggy, but many think it is Kindle. Still a great idea.

Investors will be friendly to you, possibly become great friends with you, but the second you lose their money they will shun you like you were a nobody. You need to understand that this is business. Investors want more money then what they invested into your business and chances are most want a chunk of the business. Be prepared.

Investors want to see that you are willing, ready and able to grow. And that you will grow. They are not in it to watch you fail, but they won’t invest if they see you might fail. They want you to have momentum and see that you can take your business further, even if it is baby steps.

Entrepreneur Benevolence
There are many kind people out there, but you tend to only see them when it comes to small business owners. You don’t see a large corporation keeping someone on payroll because the guys family needs it. Nope. But I can bet that at least half of all business owners, if not more, have at least one person on pay roll that they just want to help.

Why Are You Picking Franchise?
Find out the top three reasons why people quit their jobs and start their own small business or buy a franchise. Why do you want to start a small business or buy a franchise?

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