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Weekly Roundup Babson Entrepreneurs #2

CashStar Now The Largest Digital Gifting Site
Goes over how you can easily take something that people find to be a minor nuisance but something people buy often as gifts, and take away the annoying part and turn it into a $3 billion industry. The largest online gifting site around. Can you think of anything else that is bought but annoys people? Can you take the annoying part out?

Federal Regulations Hit Small Businesses The Hardest
Can always count on our government, now can’t we? Some things you need to know before jumping into your small business. You will get hit harder with Federal regulations if you own a small business, as opposed to the larger companies.

Management And Market Size
In this article you learn that when it comes to getting an investor, you need good management. No, you need great management. Many investors go by the 70/30 rule. 70% of their decision is based on management and the last 30% is based on the actual product.

Non-Profit Program Offers Training And Funds For Small Business Owners
There is a great program called Bizdom U that offers not only the classes needed to do your job and create jobs but also offers funding to get on your feet, if you are a small business owner. Talk to your local governor or other to see if you can get a program like this in your area.

Research Before Buying Or Starting
Learning and researching before you get into anything is a really smart way to go. You can’t jump into a pool without knowing how to swim, or else you drown. Same applies for small businesses, only no death is involved.

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