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Zork Hits Kindle 3

Zork has come out for the Kindle 3, bringing back all its text-based adventure goodness with it. It has been specially suited for Kindle 3 but it isn’t perfect yet. The game is a great classic and you get all the series, not only the original Zork, for what you pay, and it even has a login system now, so that way you can pick up from where you stopped that much easier. The game does have some bugs to it, however. Sometimes it requires you to hit ‘enter’ a few times in order to execute a command. There were some cases where the screen would go blank but would fix itself if you would hit the ‘enter’ key. Although this is believed to be because of Kindle’s browser, which many claim to be crappy, no one is exactly sure yet. Font size is unable to be modified on Zork, as the font is small and some players enjoy larger fonts. Many agree that Zork would make a great app someday, and if you see past the bugs, people love it.

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