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CashStar Now The Largest Digital Gifting Site

Now you can give the gift of gift cards without worrying about the card.CashStar, now the fastest growing tech startup in Maine, has become the leader in all digital gifting. Already they have up to $3 billion worth of gift card sales, and most brands are having a difficult time keeping up with the immense growth. If you were to buy a normal plastic gift card, there is very little ways you would be able to give some insight and data regarding the purchaser, you, or anything regarding the purchase. Thanks to CashStar, they are now making a platform where both retailers and customers will be incentivize. They also made it fun. Tons more fun then just spinning a gift card rack to view all the current gift cards, some of which may be out. You are allowed to not only pick the design of the card plus adding any personal message, but you can even upload photos or videos to the cards, which you can then give over Facebook or e-mail. Everyone can agree that this beats the pre-printed card out of the 99 cent rack of cards for a birthday or wedding or any other special occasion.

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