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So in the last two articles I wrote about 3 of the 4 important M’s that were momentum, management and market size. Momentum was that investors want to see you try growing and see that you have the momentum needed to run your business. Management was because 70% of all investors main priority when investing is basing it off the management, the last 30% is off the actual product or good. Then it was market size. All investors want to see that you can grow and will grow. Even if it is just a little bit gradually, they want to know that the money they put into your business will be worth it in the end. So now we are onto the M that stands for money. Many people misunderstand this one. In reality, it is all money that the investors actually care about. Sure they want to see your business grow, but not as a father and child sort of relationship, they simply want you to grow so they get more money out of the money they invested into the business. It is always best to be open about just how much ownership you are willing to give out to investors, as a great number of them would want a chunk of your business as well.

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