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When it comes to some great business lessons there are 4 M’s that you should keep in mind to keep yourself on top of your game. These M’s are momentum, management, market size and lastly money. These are all key words to some key fundamental skills you should always have with you when it comes to running your own online business or any business for that matter. The first M, being Momentum, is referring to investing, in this case. All investors want to see early growth. Who doesn’t? After they make an investment they want something that that they can see grow, whether it is users, number of metrics or deals, as long as they see things accelerating from that point on. For this reason, developing any kind of a social relationship between you and an investor is key. This way they can actually see your growth instead of going with snapshot like reports. Investors want to see momentum, and you should too. If the last time they seen you, you had 2 developers with you and then the next time, lets say you had 7, this would show them that momentum and that you were getting things done.

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