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Management And Market Size

Continuing from the whole M talk, being momentum, management, market size and lastly money, the last article went over how investors want to see momentum to know they were putting their money somewhere that they won’t regret. In this article we will go over M’s two and three, management and market size. When it comes to management, many investors base their decision about 70% on the managements, and only 30% on the product or idea. For this reason, people should place their biographical information early within their pitches that was people will be leaning more towards them for the rest of their presentation. As for the third M, market size, no matter what type of investors you talk to or with or that may invest into your company, you need to realize that they all want to believe that one day your company can get big. So for this reason, during any meetings never speak of early exit plans, quick flips or anything like that. That will lose the interest of your investors and make them think twice.

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