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Federal Regulations Hit Small Businesses The Hardest

If small businesses are the back bone of the American economy and are our only chances and hopes at our economy ever getting better, then why is it that the federal regulations are $2,830 more to the small businesses under the categories of manufacturing, trade services, health care and then ‘other’ which is pretty much everything else, as compared to the larger firms? Why is it that the government makes it that much harder on the back bone of our economy to grow and to create jobs? Which are two major things that are currently lacking as 10% of all Americans are out of work. That is a lot of people that have no jobs. These people could have had jobs if small businesses weren’t hit so hard by regulations when the government could have had it that the larger firms were hit the hardest, not the smallest firms. That $2,830 is a 36% difference compared to the larger firms, and many, if not all, see that as a major unfair burden to place on our economy’s only chance at getting better.

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