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Non-Profit Program Offers Training And Funds For Small Business Owners

Can you believe this actually exists at some places? There is a non-profit organization down in Detroit that teachers possible future and present small business owners skills that will be needed and are essential in running their own company or once they end up owning their own company one day. But at this non-profit in Detroit, some of these students won’t only get the fundamental training that they need but some will actually get the funding needed to start their very own business as well. But, does your city have such a great program like this and if not, why the heck not? It is a great thing to have in any city or town that is actually serious about boosting the economy that much more when it is desperately needed. This program is called Bizdom U, not sure what that stands for but it is clear enough just how much they help small business owners get on their feet. They are part training course, part venture capital or angel investor group and part business incubator that is worth getting into any and all towns. It doesn’t just teach people how to work on the job but also how to create jobs, and this is important now more then ever.

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